Monday, October 1, 2012

Romans 8:1 "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

How many times have I taken heart in this verse without really taking the time to understand it fully?  I cannot count them!  This verse is filled with hope for all who believe, this is so true.  What does it really mean though?  To be in Christ Jesus is to be in full communion with Him; walking with him and abiding in him.  To abide with the Lord we need to be following him as his disciples.  We can say we believe but do our actions back up our words?  I know many times I have said I believe and I really have believed in Jesus as my savior for a very long time.  Yet, as the passage before this discusses, the flesh is weak and when I have relied on my own strength and my own desires, it has invariably been disaster in the making.  When I finally let go of the reins again and turn it all over to the one with true strength, good things beyond my imagination are in the making.  I shake my head at myself when I think of all the times I have been rescued from my disasters only to thank the Lord and then turn right around and start relying on myself again!  Will I never learn?  I know this to be true:  I am weak, He is strong.  He loves me and when I walk in his way, he sets me free and his grace is indescribable.  Release your desires, accept your weakness and embrace the strength and grace of living in Christ Jesus.  It is not easy at times, but it is rewarding and we cannot be condemned when we are doing this. Blessed assurance!


When I come to take the reins of control again, gently remind me of the pain and suffering I have caused because of my actions in the past.  Remind me that it is only in you, that I can show strength, your strength.  I come in humble knowledge that I am weak because I am human.  We are designed to need you and we deny you over and over again.  Break down our arrogance, bring us to our knees and when we finally accept and embrace you fully, allow us to walk in your grace.  Amen.