Monday, October 22, 2012

Hosea 14:7 “They shall again live beneath my shadow, they shall flourish as a garden; they shall blossom like the vine, their fragrance shall be like the wine of Lebanon.”

In so much of the bible the relationship between God and Israel reminds us of a parent child relationship.  How could it not?  God is our divine parent, not just to Israel but to all of us.  The book of Hosea, like other prophets, calls the child to come back from rebellion.  It calls them to turn back to God seeking forgiveness and restoration.  Then they can live beneath his shadow once more.  Sitting in the shade on a blazing hot summer day brings relief just like living beneath the shadow of God.  A garden needs sunshine and shade, balance so the plants can flourish and blossom and so do we.  God is a loving parent and we, like Israel, are his rebellious children.  We call to the Lord; repent and follow Him.  We strive to do our best but fall into relying on our own strength and desire to achieve things.  Before we know it, we are rebelling against God without even trying.  I know this is the cycle I live and I suspect we all do.  I am encouraged by verses like this one because it shows the truth of God’s mercy and grace.  I know as I go forth in faith, step by step, that by the grace of God I will stumble less often.  We will all flourish and blossom as we learn to live in the shadow; in the love of the Lord.

Forgive my selfish pride and guide me in humility today.  So often you remind me that I am NOT in control, thank you for your infinite patience in reminding me.  Help me release control to you and simply follow.  Let me live beneath your shadow so that I can flourish and blossom to your glory.  Amen.