Sunday, October 21, 2012

Isaiah 40:18 “To whom then will you liken God, or what likeness compare with him?”

If you are like me you try to put a name with the face and a face with the name.  I like to know what people look like.  Growing up I really thought Jesus had pale skin, brown flowing hair and blue eyes.  People have figurines and crosses, all kinds of things that remind them of God.  We get into trouble when things take the place of God though.  When I gaze at the stars or a beautiful sunset in the sky, do I remember who created them or do I give glory to those beautiful things on their own?  When I look at the cross hanging in church, do I worship the cross or worship the God who hung on the cross?  All of creation sings to the glory of the Creator, who do I sing to?  Let’s not allow ritual or tokens become what we see.  Look beyond all of the visual things and search your heart for the true God.  God is everywhere and in everything He created but His creations are not Him.  See God in the things and people He made but do not worship the things He made.  They cannot compare to Him; they may reflect Him but they cannot be Him.  To see God we must search with our hearts, not our eyes.  We will know when we find Him because... nothing can compare!

So many things get in our way of see you in truth and in light.  Help my vision be guided by your spirit today.  As I look around at your creation, as I sit in church and pray, may all those things draw my heart nearer to you and not away from you.  You are my all and all, help my heart worship and live in that truth.  Amen.