Friday, August 7, 2015

Recently, I was camping with my Dad and my kids.
One night I was heading over to the camp restroom under the full moon and enjoying the brightness of the night.  I didn’t need my flashlight at all; the moon gave more than enough light for me to see where I was going.  I am used to using night vision from our star gazing adventures when we are only using red light after dark so we can view stars more easily.  I have learned that I can see well enough to walk in the dark even under a new moon.
As I walked to the restroom and back I noticed several people around their campsites with fires blazing and flashlights on.  They felt like they needed more light.
How often do we fill our spiritual need for God’s light with false light?  How often do we assume we cannot see when we simply have not taken the time to seek His light?  Rather than wander around blinded by the darkness or filling the darkness with false light, let’s take a few moments and allow the true light of God to fill us and clear our vision.  Allow His Word to be the lamp to our feet and the one true light to our path.
As our soul’s eye becomes accustomed to the true brightness of God’s light we will no longer need to fill our sight with false light.  We can dance and rejoice in the true light!


Thank you for the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky.  They all give us reminders of your true light.  You fill us with light and love and this verse reminds us that your word brightens up the path you have for us to take, making it clearer.  Help us set aside any false lights we have taken up and seek your true light; your Word.   It is only with this true light that we will find the path to you.  Amen.