Monday, October 8, 2012

Mark 10:16 “And he took them up in his arms, laid his hands on them, and blessed them.”

When I read this verse I am filled with joy and anticipation.  There is something special about being held in the arms of love and having a hand laid on you in blessing.  In my church, there are occasions where we lay hands on one of our own.  During a prayer service, the pastor or another leader might lightly place a hand on your head or on your shoulder and say a prayer.  Touch is something our society is not very good at.  We stand farther apart from each other than other societies and are very good at giving each other plenty of space.  Touch brings intimacy and closeness.  It can make us feel vulnerable.  The joy and anticipation I feel when I think about this verse is because I can be vulnerable in the arms of Jesus without fear.  He will never harm or hurt me in any way.  When he takes me up in his arms I know I will only receive love and grace.  I will receive blessings and tenderness.  Have you sat in the quiet, calm arms of Jesus lately?  I highly recommend it!  Find a quiet place today and sit for a few minutes.  Let the Lord take you in His arms, lay His hands on you and bless you today.

Thank you for your love and your blessing.  Thank you for the knowledge deep within me that I can be vulnerable in your presence without any fear.  Thank you for your healing touch and the grace that flows through me in that time of intimacy.  Give me the courage and spirit to bring that healing touch to others so they may experience the depth of your love and grace as well.  Amen.