Saturday, January 17, 2015

Actions speak louder than words.
I was just talking about this with my daughter the other day.  We can say we are sorry but unless our actions mirror our words, what we say holds no value.  When I tell my children I love them but do not follow through with actions to build up those words, what do they really mean?
I seem to be in a time of waiting, treading spiritual water, to some degree.  I do not feel a call to move in any specific direction but to work through each day where I am.  I look around and see people I know and love obviously showing God’s love in truth and in action; what am I doing?
As I meditated on this verse and my days I came to the basic truth that I can love in truth and action within my own home.  How often do I wish my children were more loving to each other?  How often do I wish I hadn’t spoken in harsh tones but in Godly, loving, correction?
My daughter came down the stairs very early this morning – in the middle of my quiet time.  I am learning to breathe and gently accept interruptions that happen during these times.  Life is full of interruptions and it is during those moments that I know I need to work to live in love and truth, acting accordingly.


Thank you for your grace and love.  Thank you for your Spirit that guides me.  Write these words on my heart and soul that I recall them in the moments I need them.  I rejoice in you this morning.  I soak in your love and pray I share that love as you call me to this day.  Amen.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have come to realize I have weights that I was unaware of.  I have things that hold me back or hold me down; things that draw me away from my focus on the Lord.
A few weeks ago I washed my cell phone and it could not be revived.  I don’t have a fancy expensive phone so that is not the hard part.  The hard part is that now I don’t have instant contact with the world.  I have done battle with myself over the last several days.  I want one thing but do I need it?  I awoke two nights ago realizing my focus and wants had been pulling me away from the Lord and into the world.  My wants are a weight; they are the sin that clings so closely.
I will get a new cell phone soon but until I do, I will seek to find balance between the instant connection it provides to the world around me and the true connection I need to the Lord.  I seek to release the weights and sins that pull me down and away from the Lord.  It is with this renewed focus that I am able to run with perseverance.  I listen for the voices of the witnesses cheering me on and with that encouragement, I continue on.


I am sorry that something so trivial drew me away from my heart’s deepest desire, pleasing you.  Help me keep things in perspective.  Let the things I hold in my hand be tools for your kingdom, not tools of distraction and darkness.  Guide me in the steps I take today and every day so that I stay true to the path and the race you have set before me.  Open my ears to hear encouraging words strengthening me along the way.  I run this race for you and your glory.  Amen.