Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jesus never ceased to amaze the people.
The gospel is filled with stories of Jesus touching people’s lives in ways beyond their wildest imagination.  This is one of those stories.
The father, a leader in the synagogue came to Jesus because his daughter had died.  The man knew that if Jesus came and laid is hand upon her, she would live.  The people at his home, preparing for the funeral, laughed at Jesus when he arrived because he told them she was not dead but only asleep.
How often do we laugh at the possibilities?  How often have we received the healing hand of Jesus and been amazed?
The verse that follows me into this day is “And the report of this spread throughout that district.”  How often do we share what Jesus has done with others?
My life has been transformed beyond recognition by the love and mercy of Jesus.  His healing hand has come to me and I am no longer sleeping but very much alive and awake.  I pray for others to receive the blessings that I have received and I pray we will share our stories throughout our world.

Help us not be shy about your work in us.  Encourage us to share as your Spirit leads us to so that others will be amazed and come to believe in you.  Your love and mercy are available to all.  Help me share my story through word and action so others will be drawn to you.  Amen.