Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who do you pray for?  What do you pray for?  How do you pray?
I started keeping a prayer journal a while back, admittedly because I forget things if I don’t write them down.  I look through it in the mornings as I pray and lift up the people and situations that I see in there.  I give thanks for the answered prayers.  This is on the good days.
There are days I struggle to focus and my prayers are not focused either.  I trust the Lord knows my heart and scripture says the Spirit will intercede when words fail me in prayer.
I encourage you to pray with me.  I lift up the leaders of my town, my state and my nation.  I lift the leaders of the UN up to the Lord.  I lift up my neighbors, believers and unbelievers, children and adults.  I lift up the pastors of churches across the world.  I lift up marriages that are struggling and marriages that are strong.  I pray for the soldiers of this nation and other nations.  I pray...

Your word tells us to pray without ceasing and when I begin to pray, I see an unending need for prayer in this world.  Help us pray to you regularly so we stay in tune to your Spirit always and all ways.  I ask this in Jesus name and to the glory and purpose of your kingdom.  Amen.