Monday, April 21, 2014

Did they have the saying “Too good to be true” back in the days of Jesus?
The disciples were together, hiding out in a house.  I can only imagine the conversations that were being held in that place.  They must have been trying to wrap their minds and hearts around what had happened to the body of Jesus.  They must have been questioning what they had been told by Mary.  Did some of them believe what Mary said?  Did the two that had been to the tomb feel the truth already or were there still doubts of the miracle swirling in their hearts?
As they sat together, Jesus appeared among them.  He pours peace into them with his words.  He lays their fears to rest showing them proof of who he is.  When they had seen him and received his peace they believed.
“Then the disciples rejoiced...”


You know that mysteries are hard for us.  We like to solve and prove; to make things concrete in our minds.  Help us move beyond our questioning and unbelieving minds deep into our hearts.  It is there, in our hearts, we will find the truth.  Your Spirit does not lie and it speaks to our hearts so that we might believe.  Help us hear, help us see, help us believe.  Then we will rejoice!  Amen.