Sunday, April 27, 2014

There is thunder and a steady rain.  My mood fits this unusual Colorado morning.
It is hard pray when I have clouds of gloom and doom hanging over me.  I come lamenting my worries and frustrations instead of thanking him and praising him.  I come as I am.
I wish I could banish these darker moments of life but I know even in these grumbly moods I learn and grow in the Lord.  In these moments I am drawn to seek him even more.
I come to the Lord this morning, just as I do each morning.  I come as a disciple and servant.  I come seeking renewal in order to be able to give.
I do not fully understand God’s love for human beings but I can only imagine it to be much bigger than the love I have for my own children.  I regard them as precious and I think of them every moment.  This is how God is with us.
My life may be just a breath or a passing shadow but I pray that my breath or passing shadow of a life will be one of love and praise to God.

Thank you for the rain.  I know the earth needs it so badly.  I rejoice with the plants in their song of thanksgiving.  You give each of us just what we need.  Help me accept what I receive and learn to love you more through whatever each day brings.  I pray these things through Jesus, my Savior.  Amen.