Friday, April 11, 2014

I love the message of this verse; I have known it for years and have clung to it during challenges in my life.
When I picture goodness and mercy I see myself walking on a sunny path that is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and soft puffy white clouds in azure skies.  That is what mercy looks like in my mind.  As I turned this verse over in my meditation this morning a new view came to mind.
God’s goodness and mercy are always with me but if they follow me they are also behind me.  What do I leave in the wake of my journey?  As I move forward, striving to follow as a disciple of God, do I leave goodness and mercy for others or do I leave
brokenness and selfishness in my path?
The more I seek the Lord and his ways, I trust and believe I will dwell with him for eternity, for my whole life.  Now I also am aware that I need to strive to bring goodness and mercy for
others to follow as my legacy to the love I have for my Lord.  Goodness and mercy might follow me because I leave some as a trail for others to follow.
I can only hope for this.


As I receive your gifts of goodness and mercy, help me open my heart to give those gifts to others as well.  Protect me from being a person of destruction and damage and guide me to be a vessel of mercy, bringing a piece of your kingdom to others each day.  Amen.

*this was originally posted last May, I needed to read it again for my heart and I trust it will bless you again as well.