Thursday, May 1, 2014

The word “possessions” hit me like a brick on the head when I read this scripture.
What do I possess? What possesses me?  I have just recently finished reading a couple of novels about angels and demons so possession in that sense is still fresh in my mind.  Maybe that is why this jumped out so much at me but whatever the reason, it is worth pondering.
Do I possess my things or do they possess me?  In this story, a rich man asks Jesus how he could have eternal life.  He is sad because Jesus told him to sell his possessions, give away the money and come follow him.  A hard thing to do, I understand.
It is a constant task for me to keep check of my priorities.  What comes first in my heart and my mind?  Do I put my children and spouse ahead of me?  Do I put other things ahead of my God?  Even if I do not worship them, do I cling to them, allowing them to keep me from following God with my whole heart?
This morning I pray that the blessings we hold in our homes, pantries, and bank accounts do not keep us from serving the Lord with all we are and all we have.


Help us remember all we have belongs to you.  Guide us in the saving and use of everything you have entrusted to us so that we are good stewards of these blessings.  Keep us from clinging to them; help us cling only to you.  Amen.