Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hope springs eternal...
I was reading some different internet stories yesterday evening before I went to bed.  I can tell you the stories did not fill me with hope as I read them.
I look around me home and the clutter that seems to grow instead of diminishing even though we regularly donate to different charities, this does not fill my heart with hope.
I see discord and disharmony all around me and all through the world and these do not fill my heart with hope.  Where can I find hope in the midst of all these things that attempt to pull me down into the mire of despair?
When I look to the Lord, I will find hope.  When I let go of the gaze on the world and the things in it and focus my gaze on the Holy of holies, I am able to find hope in my heart.  His steadfast love is true and faithful.  He fills us removing the darkness of gloom, replacing it with the light of love.
I cannot ignore the world around me; I am here for a time and for a reason.  I continue to strive to serve and share love in the world of God in this broken world.  I, a broken person, can only do this through the faithful love of God.  He gives me strength and renewed faith to continue on in the battle of souls.  He is my hope.

Do we recognize the battle of souls for what it is?  We battle our human weakness, we battle darkness that waits to take over us and we do not even realize it sometimes.  When we see it, we are often filled with dread.  Banish the fear and dread we hold and fill us with your steadfast love instead.  Fix our gaze on you so we hold eternal hope in you, God of gods, and Lord of lords.  Amen.