Sunday, April 13, 2014

My four year old does not remember the palm branches from last year.  He was a little disappointed when he discovered, last night, that we would be waving tree branches and not cheering with pompoms.
I always come to this celebration with heaviness in my heart.  I struggle to cheer and wave palm branches when I know what the coming days held for Jesus.  I shout “Hosanna!” and wave my palm branches but I am not simply exuberant and joyful with abandon.  I see no need for pompoms.
As we step into the Holy week we experience a myriad of emotions.  We celebrate the Passover, we hear about Jesus arrest and trial and we remember his crucifixion and death on a cross.  By this Friday my heart will be broken again for the suffering and death that Jesus had to endure; he chose to endure for me and for all people.
I cling to the blessing of this story.  I wait with expectation for Easter Sunday to celebrate with all joy in the resurrection and victory of Christ over death.
As we get ready to remember Jesus coming to Jerusalem let’s cheer for the whole story.  Let’s shout for the love and upcoming victory for Christ.  Maybe I should bring the pompoms after all!

This week is a dichotomy for me.  I want to celebrate with my whole heart but the knowledge of your sacrifice keeps me from jumping for joy.  Help us move through this week receiving the love and mercy you hold for us.  Help us receive the message you would have us gain through this week of remembrance and celebration.  Thank you for redeeming us Lord.  Hosanna in the highest!  Amen.