Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have you ever experienced a foot washing?  I have only had the pleasure of a hand washing ritual and that was a very interesting experience.
Washing someone else’s feet would be so intimate.  Our feet take a beating like no other part of our body.  Some of us wear shoes all day, others of us like to kick of our shoes whenever possible.  Some of us have pretty toes and pretty feet but I suspect most of us do not find our feet so pretty to look at.  Would we be willing to shed our foot coverings and allow just anyone to wash our feet for us?
Jesus gets down on his knees and washes each of the disciples’ feet.  He dries them with his own robe.  I can understand Peter’s reluctance to have Jesus, the Lord, wash his feet.  Seeing the one we worship on his knees serving us in such a lowly manner is uncomfortable.  I could much more easily wash someone else’s feet than have mine washed.
What do I take away from this passage that I can take action with in my world today?  Jesus says “I have set you an example, that you should do as I have done for you.”  What more do I need to hear?

You came into this broken human world to teach us, to serve us and to save us.  You gave us love and mercy beyond our understanding and those gifts never end.  This is what you have done for me.  Help me do as you have done.  Guide me to become an agent of love and mercy.  Guide me to serve others as you have served me.  In this way, I hope to bring glory and honor to you, O Lord.  Amen.