Thursday, April 17, 2014

Passover had begun and the next few days were going to be beyond anything the disciples could imagine.
Judas had been set out from the table to “do quickly what you are going to do.”  The rest of the group headed over to the garden nearby to pray.  The town would have been quiet and settling in for the night.  The garden would have been a peaceful place to rest and pray, but here came trouble.
What did the other disciples think when they saw Judas coming with soldiers and police?  What ran through their minds when they saw torches and weapons?  We know from scripture that Peter went into some kind of battle mode.  He cut the ear off of one of the high priest’s slaves.
Jesus knew the plan.  He stopped any escalation to battle that may have occurred right then.  He was ready to go forth, as a lamb led to slaughter.  He was ready to give what God had asked of him, so that we might live.
These chapters of John are filled with lessons from Jesus.  John tries to pour the message Jesus preached into everyone who was reading this passage of Jesus sacrifice.  In the midst of strife, Jesus’ message still brings hope.

You are the true vine, the way, the truth and the life.  Even as we remember your arrest and trial, as we remember your condemnation, we hold your message to us deep within our souls.  Let your message bring us peace and hope when we struggle.  Help us spread your message of love, peace and hope to the world as we prepare to rejoice.  Amen.