Saturday, April 5, 2014

I cannot count how many times I have heard my children saying that they are starving and they need something to eat right away.  I, myself, have felt that way on occasion but I know the truth.
We eat three good meals a day and usually there are some snacks between meals so there is no fear of hunger or starvation in our house.  My kids think they do not get enough to eat sometimes but there is always plenty.  Once in a while I remind them of the people who have no food and no table for the food they do not have.
We fill our plates and our bellies without much thought.  Most people I know have something to do after the meal so the tendency is to rush through the meal to get to the next thing.  This is how it seems we live.
What if we took time to be more intentional about what we eat and how we eat?  What if we sought true bread more fully and bread for our bellies less often?
I do not condone starvation but I also know we, as a society, have forgotten what true hunger is.  Step back from food for a moment and seek the bread of God, his Word.  From this, we will receive true nourishment and never hunger again.

When my belly growls let it be a reminder to me that my soul hungers more.  Help me seek food for my soul more fully and earnestly than I seek food for my belly.  Give us all a taste of your eternal bread, Jesus Christ.  We truly live by every word that comes from your mouth.  Amen.