Thursday, February 20, 2014

Psalm 90:5 “Extol the Lord our God; worship at his footstool.  Holy is he!

I was surprised to see snow when I looked out the window, and not overly enthusiastic about it.
What have I been enthusiastic about lately?  Good question for me to ponder.  My nature is not one of exuberant energy and jumping for joy anyway but lately I seem tired and worn down more often than not.  I am tired of winter winds, tired of whining children, tired of being busy.
As I meditate on this verse to praise and worship God I am brought to humility once more.  Why has my focus turned back to me and my needs again?  The moment I start focusing on God all my weariness lessens and I am filled with an energy that only could come from God.  As I lift my voice and heart in praise and worship the weights that seemed to hold me down just moments ago have disappeared.
It is time to change my view again.  I need to lift my eyes from the daily grind and set them on higher sights.  I look to the Lord and remember all he has done for this world, his people; for me.  I come to his footstool in thanksgiving and humility.  I come to extol and worship this God of all, my Lord and King.  Holy is he, indeed, he is holy!

You give me a reason to be exuberant and enthusiastic.  Forgive me for losing sight of the grace and love, the energy and renewal you give me.  I lift my eyes, my heart and my voice in praise and worship to you this morning.  Open me up to receive whatever you have for me on this day.  Cleanse me of self-absorption and shortsightedness; cleanse me of all sins through the redemption of Christ so that as I approach the footstool of your throne I am shining like the sun.  Let my light shine for you, the Holy One.  Amen.