Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ephesians 1:22-23 “And he has put all things under his feet and has made him the head over all things for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.”

Have you ever been part of a team?  Christ’s church is like a team; it is one unit with many parts that come together for the good of the whole.
I belong to a handbell ensemble.  There are 13 of us that ring together with one instrument.  We are each assigned notes from the 5 octaves of notes available; the bells are set up like a piano keyboard.  I am not in charge of playing the whole song by myself so I must watch and wait for my part to come along in the music and do my part in time as well as I am able.  We practice our parts and we practice as a group.  Without someone directing or leading us the music would be harder to make.  The director guides us and teaches us.  He corrects us and encourages us to do more with our parts and more as a group.
This is one analogy to the body of Christ.  He directs us and leads us, he guides us and teaches us.  As he corrects and encourages us we do more with our parts and more as a group.  Without him, our service would be harder to do; much less effective.
You could look at almost any type of team and draw an analogy to the body of Christ.  Choirs, soccer teams, project teams, can you see the analogy?
Just remember, the team cannot work as effectively without a good leader and neither can the body of Christ work effectively without Christ leading.

Thank you for being our all in all, thank you for giving us whatever we need to serve in your body.  Help us remember our part and that we are not the leader or the head, you are.  Encourage us to practice with you and with other so we are able to do our part when the time comes.  Guide us to serve well in your body.  Amen.