Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are you afraid of the dark?
My kids are getting closer to the age of losing that fear.  Last year when we went camping to star gaze my son was very uncomfortable being out after the sun went down and any time we were driving around after dark last year he would tell us it was time to go home.  Now he seems to be unbothered by it.
Since the beginning, God has been separating the light from the darkness and, within our souls, he is still doing it.  There is a boundary between darkness and light that is not muddied, I believe God defined that boundary in this passage and it has never been blurred since.  Yet, darkness and light reside next to each other until the end of time.
When I gaze at the night sky, I do so looking for light.  There would be no draw if the stars were not there.  The light defines and breaks through the darkness, in this, I find beauty.  In the light, I find warmth and power and strength.
As I begin a new day, I seek light in the midst of darkness.  Our world seems to embrace the darkness but I believe it is a twisted way of seeking light.  One day he will come in all his glory to end the battle between darkness and light, good and evil, brokenness and wholeness.  Until then, I will continue to seek light in the darkness, and strive to be a light for others to see until we are all embraced in his holy light.


You created all things from a formless void and darkness.  Your Spirit moves and light fills the void.  You know the darkness that lurks in our world and in our hearts today.  I pray that the world would release its hold on darkness and embrace your light.  I pray that all souls would release their hold on darkness and embrace your light.  Until that day, use me to be a beacon of light for others, to your glory.  Amen.