Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ooh, my memory, or lack thereof, scares me sometimes.  I know I can remember things because I memorize music for one of the groups I ring handbells in, so why do I forget so much?
I know I am not alone in this quandary.  Many of my friends seem to struggle with remembering things too.  Whenever we are making a date to get together or talking about a specific time, the phones and calendars come out immediately.  We use the tools we have at our disposal to help remind us of things that are important to us.
There is no better reminder that the Holy Spirit.  He is with us wherever we go, we cannot forget to bring him and his battery never needs charged.  We can tune him out but, even then, he will make his voice known when it is important.
Each morning I sit practicing quietness in the Lord.  I love to feel God’s presence without distraction.  I seek his voice resonating in my heart and soul.  Do I always embrace the message of the Spirit?  Do I love to be reminded of the words of my Lord regardless of my thoughts at the moment?  I am still working on that but in the depths of my soul, I remember God’s love and mercy in those moments and I embrace and enjoy them.


You are here with us in every moment, every day, everywhere.  Help us receive your guidance without distraction.  Open our ears to hear your teachings and reminders clearly.  Soften our hearts to do your bidding.  When we live in you, we live for you.  In this, we love as you taught us to.  Thank you for your Spirit, Your love, and your grace.  Amen.