Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A call to all nations; a call to all hearts:
A few months ago I spent a day in silent retreat and Zephaniah was the book I was led through.  It is only 3 short chapters but there is much to learn from the words in this prophet’s writing.
Zephaniah was warning the people of Israel, we could stand to listen to his words of warning today.  You can look at any nation and see the need to repent and turn to the Lord.
I recently received a prayer request to join with many in seven days of prayer for our nation and our churches.  This request falls right in with this passage of scripture.  I pray to be cleansed of any evil lies that blind and deceive me, drawing me away from truth and light.  I pray for the light and love of God to fill the churches renewing them in his truth and moving them into new and deeper service to his glory.  I pray for this nation, that it would return to true faith in the one living God of all, serving and honoring him in all its actions.
As I often start with prayers for the nations, I am instantly reminded that the nations are no worse off than I am.  We all fall short of the glory of God and when we are together, the group falls short as well.  I pray that each of us, individually, and corporately, will repent and turn to the Lord until he comes.


Forgive my sins; cleanse me of all unrighteousness through the redeeming blood of Jesus, the Christ.  Protect me from deceit, destruction, and evil.  Help me magnify you and your holy name.  Cleanse and renew our churches and our nation, drawing us all back into your holy arms of love.  Make us new so we are able and willing to serve you in truth and in love.  I ask all of these things to your glory and honor, Almighty Lord.  Amen.