Wednesday, July 9, 2014

There is a song that came to mind when I read this scripture.  It is a song with this basic message: God created us to use us for his work in the world.  We need to stop doing nothing and do something now.
Could God send his heavenly host to earth and accomplish all his work in one fell swoop?  I believe he could but he has never worked that way in the past and won’t likely anytime soon.  He works his ways, his kingdom, through his people.  Through us, he is glorified, when we allow him to use us in his work.
I like to think I am available to him at all times and that I seek to glorify him in all ways.  I like to think I am ready and willing to do his bidding whenever he calls.  I think I deceive myself.  I am more obedient to him that I used to be but that gives me no right to become complacent in my work.  When I hear him or feel him asking me to do something, it is my tendency to push it off until another time.
Paul says “Now.”  That song says “Now.”  Do you hear the urgency as I do?  Let’s take hold of God and each other and do the work of God, glorifying him today and forever!


Chase the fear away from us: encourage our hearts and souls to work as you call us to.  Move us to action today and tomorrow, not just someday.  Forgive my heart of ignorance, speak loud and clear so I cannot deny your call and inspire me to work for your glory today and all days, forever and ever. Amen.