Friday, July 25, 2014

Sacrifice – not a word we embrace in our world.
It is easy to look around and see people living their lives with the mind set of “what is in it for me?”  The mindset of entitlement is rampant.  We all have that in us to one degree or another.  There are business men and women who do what they need to in order to succeed.  They are driven, but by what desire?  There are parents who push themselves or their kids to do more, achieve more, succeed – what is the force and the purpose?
If I am all that I can be but I have crushed the heart or spirit of someone else to get there, what does that make me?
I do not want to be anything that I cannot be without love.  When I step away from love, I feel selfishness taking over and love dissipates more and more.  I cannot be who I am called to be outside of love.  When I sacrifice in love, I am blessed by God.  I cannot explain how it works but I know it does.  When I stop being self-oriented and love as he loved, goodness abounds!
Open your hearts to his love today.  Open your hearts to love others and allow the blessings of love to astound you too.


Help these babbling words touch the hearts of the people who read them. Use them as you will to draw us into love more deeply so we are able to give love to others more deeply.  Forgive my shallow selfishness and remind me of the ultimate sacrifice you gave so that I might live.  Make me able to give to others in thanksgiving for all you gave and still give to me.  Amen.