Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Social media can be a blessing and a curse.
People share all kinds of things, good and bad, on their social media pages.  I have written about battles that have unfolded in front of my very eyes through these avenues.
Yesterday I saw a video that led me to another video and as I scrolled through the page I was humbled.  A country singer, Reba McEntire has written a song, “Pray for Peace.”  Numerous country singers posted her video on their pages and their fans have posted the video on their pages...
There is war happening as I write.  Hunger and suffering continue today, and likely, tomorrow.  I get bogged down by the troubles in this world but then I receive a message of hope to remind me that all is not lost.
I am a soldier.  I am not one who launched grenades at another whose ideology is different than mine or who has threatened the safety of my country, but I am still a soldier.  I am a soldier of peace.  When I watched the video, when I joined in a seven day mission of prayer, when I get on my knees daily in prayer; this is how I fight the battle.
I continue to fight the battle, I pray for peace.  I see the Spirit moving and I am encouraged, I pray for peace.  I watch people move in the ways of God, I pray for peace.  I pray.


Thank you for the blessing this prayer song is bringing to so many.  I pray the words will seep into the hearts of many and the prayers will be like they never have been before.  I join in the prayer for peace, I pray to you, the one true God, Almighty and ever-loving.  Thank you for your promise of peace.  Amen.