Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It is the season for Vacation Bible School around here.  Many churches have their banners displayed encouraging people to come.  My church is hosting VBS this week and it is in full swing.
I knew my kids and I could not attend for the full week and I was struggling to find a reason to go for only two of the five sessions.  I am glad I relented.  My kids had a great time both sessions that they attended.  My daughter loves the music and singing, my son loves the games and activities, they both had a great time.
I was “volunteered” to lead the VBS bible story yesterday and as I read this passage this morning it struck me: this is one way we provoke others to love and good deeds; this is one way we encourage others!
As the kids and I embark on another annual star-gazing trip with my Dad, I will keep this passage tucked in my heart.  I pray I will encourage others and provoke love and good deeds in whomever I meet.


Thank you for outreach by the churches to the communities around them.  Help me reach out as well.  Let this scripture compel me to action even more through your Spirit.  As the Day approaches let me be loving and encouraging to others.  Amen.

** I will be out of contact from now through the weekend - please watch for Word for Today to appear again on Monday - until then,