Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My garden is growing wonderfully.  There are lush green strawberry plants, tomato plants, peas, beans... and weeds.  While I was gone camping for a few days the weeds sneaked in among the plants and flourished!
How could this happen?  These weeds looked so much like good plants that if I didn't know what I had planted I might not have been able to decipher the bad from the good.  Thank the Lord I know what all the plants in my garden should look like so I am able to weed out the bad and allow more room for the good to grow.
Our souls are like a garden.  I have written this before and the analogy holds true.  James tells us the word is implanted in us but we must rid ourselves of the rank growth of wickedness and welcome the word that has the power to save our souls.  Then do; follow the word.  Don’t just weed the garden and let the plants rot!  Harvest, partake and share!
As the produce of my garden begins to burst forth, we will harvest.  We will eat, we will preserve, and we will share.
Do this with the implanted word in your soul!

Weed the garden of my soul, please!  Pluck out any rank growth and nurture the word of truth you planted.  Help it flourish so I am fruitful.  In the bounty you create, let me share what I have with others so we are all able to partake in your word, your truth and your love.  I offer all to you this day.  Amen.