Saturday, July 12, 2014

I love a good book.
I love to read stories that draw me in and, for a time, draw me out of this reality.  Books can provide an escape into another place and time.  What I love most is that the story isn't about me but I can still feel a part of it.  It speaks to me and I can be changed by it.
How do you judge a good book?  For me there are a few things that tell me the book I am reading is really good.  Time is of little importance to me when I read a good book.  I laugh out loud or cry real tears.  I can’t wait to pick it up again and jump back into the story.  These are signs to me that I am reading a really good book.
I learn many things from reading books but the Bible is the book I love to learn from the most.  All the things that I judge a good book by are true with the bible but that isn't all.  When I am reading the Bible I am also praying to, listening to and learning from God. 
Be open to all the ways that God speaks to us.  Teaching, reproof and correction, training in righteousness come in many forms but allow the holy word, inspired by God, to mold you as well.


Take my babbling and fill it with your Spirit.  Let these meager words speak to me and others despite their shortcomings.  Open our ears and hearts to hear you in scripture, in nature, in work; everywhere.  Through Jesus I pray.  Amen.