Thursday, July 24, 2014

I feel Paul’s pain on this one.
He worked with and taught the Galatians.  They were doing well and living in the Lord through the gospel but somewhere along the line they must have slid back into old habits; bad habits.  They fell away from God.
As parent and teacher I see this in my kids.  Summer break is almost over.  Even though we did “school light” this summer I see the backsliding in my kids and in the neighborhood kids from the lack of study.  Since they are not using those skills every day, they lose the strength in the skills they had learned.  The old adage “use it or lose it” comes to mind.
I am no different than my kids or the Galatians.  I am known by God and seek to know God regularly.  Each day I come to him seeking a fresh start and deeper faith in him.  Today I was led to this scripture.  I clearly need to do more work and study.  If I take a break, I quickly begin to slide back into old habits; bad habits.  I begin to lose sight of God’s Spirit and focus on the earthly desires and the elemental spirits.
I am on my knees this morning, every morning; seeking knowledge in the one true God.

I thank you with all that I am that I can come to you through the redeeming blood of Jesus, my savior.  You know each of our struggles and pains; you know our battles before we do.  I ask your forgiveness where I have fallen short and ask for strength in you so I can continue to know you more each day.  Amen.