Sunday, July 13, 2014

This morning I woke with songs of praise in my heart and so when I came to this Psalm I rested on it.
I admit I took these two verses and stopped with them because I did not need to move beyond them into the talk of my enemies.  Today I feel the need to simply praise the Most High.  God is good and faithful to us until the end.  His love and mercy, his grace and faithfulness are amazing and beyond my imagination so I bask in those gifts and lift my heart and voice in praise this day.
I know many people who suffer many things and I know it seems impossible to lift anything when we are weighed down so heavily with burdens.  I lift prayers of petition for those people.  I pray they are able and willing to lay down their burdens at the throne of God.  Jesus, our Lord and Redeemer, bridged the gap from our hearts to the throne and through his gift of redemption we are able to run with abandon into the arms of Love.  Our burdens can be reminders that we are not able to stand on our own but only through the blessed gift of Divine Love.
Today I lift my heart and voice in praise to the Most High.  I pray you will join with me and together we can make a joyful noise of praise!


Thank you for this morning.  Thank you for songs in my heart and thank you for the voice you have given me to praise you.  Let this day be a day filled with praises and exultation to you, O Lord.  Thank you for all you have given us, all you continue to give us and all you will give us, I praise you O Most High!  Amen.