Thursday, July 17, 2014

I do not allow my kids to bring rocks into the house.  If I did there would be rocks filling each room to the roof.
Yesterday I saw my son pick up a rock he thought was pretty and conceal it tight in his little fist.  When we got close to the door I reminded him to set the rock right by the front door so he could find it easily again.  He chose to hide it in his hand insisting that he didn't have a rock at all.
We all do this in some way at some time, don’t we?  We try to hide something we know we should not have or be doing.  We think it is probably harmless and so we go ahead with it but we hide it.  We are as naive as my son was yesterday.  I saw what he did clearly and God sees what we do clearly.
There is no darkness that God cannot permeate.  We may try to hide in darkness but Psalm 139 states that, to God, the night is as bright as day.  Let go of the hidden rock, the “harmless’ deceit we cling to.  Let us all do what is right and true in God’s eyes.  Step out of the gloom and into the warmth of his glowing, eternal light.  Bask in his truth and love today.


The clouds loom heavy this morning but the birds sing anyway.  Shadows come but we all know the light never fails.  Protect us from the call of shadow and darkness and keep us close to you.  Compel us to remain in your light always; doing what is right in your sight.  In this way, we serve and glorify you and your kingdom today and all days until you come again.  Amen.