Thursday, July 10, 2014

We live in a concrete world.  Most of us like things set, to some degree, in stone.
As I read this passage today I thought, again, of Rachel’s friend.  He is a very logical thinker and so embracing God and grace, are a challenge.  God is not something that can be touched but he will touch you in ways you cannot imagine if you will allow him to.  God cannot be seen with our eyes, but we see the movement and work of God in everything we gaze at.  God ought each of us since the beginning, longing for relationship with us.  He gave laws to allow us community with him and when we could not keep those, he sent Jesus, the mediator.
Jesus came and became the ultimate bridge between human and God.  He sacrificed his life so that we might live in community with God forever.  We simply need to receive this gift of love and move into the grace of being God’s children.
Most of us know this story well.  Sometimes it is good to hear it and see it again.  Whenever I do, I am left in wonder and awe at the love and grace of this Awesome God!

I pray for those who have not heard and those who do not see.  Help us, who know you, bring others to a place where they see and hear and believe.  I know you, I love you, and I cannot live without you.  Help me share this truth with all who will listen.  All glory, honor and praise to you, my King.  Amen.