Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hearts can be hardened like stone and we have all heard the term” heart of ice.”
As I sat pondering this verse these are the things that came to me:  We are called to pour out our hearts before him but how can we do that if our heart is like ice or stone?
Ice can be warmed and melted with heat from the sun.  Stone can also be liquefied by a much higher heat from the center of the earth.  Melting ice or liquefying stone takes time; it is a process and if they are allowed to get cold, they will harden once again.
Let the warmth of God’s love heat and melt your heart of ice, let the deep warmth of God’s love liquefy your heart of stone.  He is our refuge and trusting in him, we can become like a glass of clear refreshing water; his living water flowing in our hearts.  We can become like lava, liquid rock on fire with the love of our Lord God.  Soften your heart and allow God to cleanse and purify you.
When we put our trust in Him He is our refuge.  Whenever we need to come back into his loving arms for renewal, for forgiveness, for protection from the storms, He is there.  Come into His presence, trusting in Him.  Pour out your hearts as I pour out mine knowing we will be changed and blessed because of it.


Strengthen my trust in you.  Sometimes I come in trepidation and fear; you are an awesome God.  Your word tells us over and over about your love for us.  Soften my heart, remove the fear and damage, and melt me completely so you can transform me.  Liquefy my heart for you Lord.  Amen.