Sunday, July 20, 2014

Being the city girl that I am, I have never actually seen calves leaping from the stall.
I have seen a video on the internet of cows being released into a field after been kept penned up for the winter.  It is nothing short of amazing to me.  These creatures seem mostly mellow, coasting through life eating and chewing, living their mundane lives in the field can jump and leap.  I guess when they are being gathered up for winter they are not all docile and mellow but that is not the same to me.  The cows in the video are overjoyed!  They are free at last!
If something as huge as a cow can jump for joy, surely I am able to jump for joy...
The sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings.  When I think of the healing and freedom I have witnessed and the healing and freedom I have received already, it gives me pause.  When I think of the healing and freedom we continue to receive I cannot help but to rejoice.
I might not jump for joy but I probably should.  I lift my voice in praise for the healing love and freedom we have in God.  I lift my hands in adoration to the living God of all and my heart leaps in joy even if my feet stay planted.


I pray for those whose hearts are so heavy they can barely stand today.  Bring healing to those who cry out for it, bring healing to those who do not know they are in need of it.  Free us from bondage and fill us with such joy that we join those cows in leaping in true joy for the freedom you have given us all.  Amen.