Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family traits – we all have them.
I spent yesterday with my younger sister, her kids and my kids.  It is always interesting to see my sisters in their element.  Occasionally I see a glimpse of my mom in their behavior and, if truth be told, they likely see glimpses of my mom in me.  I know I share personality traits with my dad; we are alike in many ways.
We share these traits because we were born and raised into that family.  We share the DNA of our parents and through the years of living with them, we pick up their mannerisms, voice inflections and, in some ways, we walk the walk and talk the talk just like they do.
As Christians we claim to live in Christ.  God is our Father and our mother.  Jesus is almost like the older brother, coming to show us and teach us on a different level, what our heavenly parent is really like.  Through him, we are able to walk the walk and talk the talk that he taught us.  The teaching and learning are life-long processes.  The more we abide in him, the more we walk as he walked.  It is true in our earthly families and it is true in our spiritual family as well.


We are your children, you are our Father.  We have learned so much from you yet we are not done.  Help us remember what you have taught us, help us be like you and do as you do.  Let our personality traits and mannerisms emulate yours more and more as we abide in you.  Amen.