Sunday, August 24, 2014

The tree leaves rustle with a breeze this morning.  The birds are not so vocal in their songs.  The sun brings light to the sky, first a glow of pink and quickly turning it to a light blue.  A new day has begun.
In this quiet moment, I am awe struck at the splendor of God.  The world is full of his creation and his splendor is shown throughout it.  I go through my days with blinders on, stuck in the mundane tasks of normalcy.  This morning I see, for a moment, the beauty of the earth, the beauty of his people, and the holy splendor of God all around me.
As I prepare to go worship in church, I hold this feeling of deep worship in my soul.  I remember all that God has done for me, with me, and through me and I tremble before him.  I do not tremble in fear, I tremble in awe.
I join the voices of nature; I join the voices across nations and throughout the earth, in praise and worship to this, the Almighty, the One True God.  All glory, laud, and honor to you Redeemer King!


I am at a loss for words this morning.  You know my heart and I know the Spirit intercedes where my language falls short.  Thank you for this time with you.  Thank you for leading me beside still waters and restoring my soul.  I praise your holy name and still tremble at the foot of your throne.  You are an awesome God and I forever worship you.  Amen.