Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The pages of a book are dark when they are hidden and closed within the binding.  The writings on the scroll are hidden in darkness until the scroll is unrolled to expose the words.
Do you remember cootie catchers?  It is a game kids use to tell each other’s fortune.  They unfold different flaps to find the clue to the next flap and after a few clues, unfolding a few flaps, the fortune is revealed.  If only...
Flowers open to the sun, plants turn their leaves toward light and our souls wait to unfold to the words and love of God.  We cannot receive understanding without study.  We must open to the word and be open the word to be enlightened.
As I gather things together in preparation for school I picture my kids unfolding to knowledge.  It is so rewarding to see the light of understanding in them when they learn something new.
We cannot gain insight or understanding from the cootie catcher.  Pull The Book off of the shelf, dust off the cover, unfold the pages and let light and understanding come to your heart.


There is much to learn and understand, we have more than a lifetime to do it.  If we understand only one thing let us understand your unending love.  We hear it, we read it; help us truly understand and believe it.  Unfold our hearts to your light and love today and all days.  Amen.