Thursday, August 21, 2014

This nearly jumped off of the page as I read.
I immediately thought of my kids; not just my kids but their playmates as well.  They are all at an age where lies and deception become a real temptation.  They say what they think you want to hear so they can get what they want or avoid what they don’t want.
My daughter and I were talking about lying a few days ago and she asked why I never lie, or if I do.   My quick answer was that I learned the value of truth and the lies always cause damage even if you never get caught by another person.  My kids lie because they want and they know they will not receive what they ask for because of their desired purpose.  Am I different?
What do I ask for from God?  What is the true reason I ask?  This is something that requires soul searching on my part.  It is easy to say what I ask him for but do I deceive myself in the reason for asking?  Today I ask the Lord to reveal this truth to me.


Is it part of our human nature to be selfish?  I see it from the time we are small children and slowly as we grow we learn to move beyond our selfishness.  You know for me it is not always a forward motion.  Forgive me for not seeking, not asking, asking wrongly.  I know you are not done with me yet, I come to you ready to move forward again.  Amen.