Monday, August 18, 2014

I have had a love song running in my head over the last couple of days and this morning I woke up knowing I wanted to just tell God that I love him.
I love how creative you are God.  When I look around at creation so big and so small I am in awe.
I love the promise of change you bring.  You change the seasons, you change our hearts... and I am glad those changes come from you.
I love how merciful you are.  All through the Bible, all through time until whenever tomorrow ceases, your mercy abounds.  You are so merciful.
I love how giving you are.  You give each of us life.  You give us love.  You give us all we need and so much more that we could imagine to desire.  You are so giving.
I love that you are steadfast and solid.  Even as you bring change all around, you are unchanging.  When chaos seems to run rampant, you are firm.  In the midst of any storm, any fear, anything, I love your steadfast firmness.
I love that you love me.


It feels good to be loved.  I say I love you but do other people know that I love you?  I say I love you but do I show my love for you?  I pray that my love would be evident to everyone but mostly to you.  Help me show and share my love for you today.  Amen.