Saturday, August 16, 2014

Does this verse bring comfort or worry?
I know some people who do not want the government watching and knowing everything they do and I believe that makes sense.  The government is made up of people fallible and human creatures like you and me.  One thought is that if I am not doing anything I shouldn't, let them look.  This is how it is with my kids.
My kids are quickly getting beyond the age when they say, “Mom, don’t look at me...”  I know when I hear that I need to see what is going on.  Most of the time it just gets really quiet or I hear whispers and giggles, then I know I need to keep my attention focused in that direction because things are likely to go south quickly.
Jonah ran away from God.  The thing is we can’t really run away from God.  Scripture tells us God is everywhere; God sees all things and people.  Not only does he see our physical beings, he sees into our hearts.
I take comfort in this scripture and in this knowledge.  God is faithful and merciful and I thank him for that today.


Search my heart for hidden evil.  I hide it from myself but I know you see all.  I ask you to cleanse my heart and soul once again so I am, through the blood of Jesus Christ, pure and holy in your presence.  I pray for guidance and protection by your Spirit so that all I do and say is good in your sight.  Amen.