Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I am such an “inside-the-box” person, just like the disciples were in this story.
So often I cannot imagine how to accomplish what is being asked of me by God.  Even as I write I ask why?  What real good could come from my continued writings, what am I really supposed to do?
The disciples clearly hear Jesus say “you give them something to eat.”  What?  How could we do that?  That makes no sense to us, we couldn't possibly...  Jesus gathers the meager stock of food they have and asks God to bless it.  With God’s blessing, a miracle takes place.
How often do I miss out because I do not allow God to work through me?  Do others miss out because of it?
As I put soup and canned fruit in my car, as I write my pondering on scripture, as I teach my kids, I ask for God’s blessings on these.  Now I need to listen and follow his lead, a miracle just might occur...


I cannot see as you see.  Please forgive my unwillingness to participate fully.  Make clear to me the path you have set before me and, Lord, please bless that path and all who are a part of it.  Use me as you will, to your glory.  Amen.