Friday, August 22, 2014

I do not like the word grudge.
The word sounds dark and heavy to me; kind of dirty, like mud.
I like to think of myself as a fairly forgiving person.  I tend to let things roll off of me without sticking too much and I am, most of the time, able to see value in people.  That is like forgiveness, right?
I forgive my kids and my spouse for the things they do and say that they do not even know hurt me or things they say in a moment of anger to hurt me.  Have I forgiven all of the people in my past that have hurt me?
Forgiving debts is something banks used to do and, in a way, still do.  After 7 years of bankruptcy, records are expunged, the debt is forgiven.  I know I have held things in my heart for much longer than 7 years and it is well beyond time to expunge them from my records.
I search my heart, I ask the Spirit to show me where any grudges hide in the depths of me.  I want to be free from them and release the debts forever.  Forgiveness is freedom for everyone.


Bring forth the things I need to forgive so they are clearly before me and no longer tucked away, weighing me down.  Work in me, and through me, to be a forgiving and gracious person; I want to be like you.  Help me forgive, expunge the records.  Thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness.  Amen.