Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yesterday I hosted the home school co-op at my house.  We are studying the human body in science and the project was to investigate our fingerprints.
As I think about the kids that were standing around my table I could tie together siblings pretty easily even if I did not know the kids.  Most of them look enough like each other that it is apparent who belongs with whom.  Still, none of us are the same.
Just as our fingerprints indicate, we are each individually created and formed by the Creator, the One True God.  No one shares an exact match of fingerprint with anyone else.  Even identical twins do not share these prints.  Like there are no two snowflakes exactly alike (as far as we know) there are no two people that are exactly alike.
Go into the day celebrating your individuality.  Praise the Lord for he has fearfully and wonderfully made you; you are unique and special!


Thank you for the reminder of your care and love for each of us through these verses and through our fingerprints.  Help us use our unique gifts and personalities to serve you.  Unite us together with our Christian brothers and sisters so we work together to further your kingdom until you come.  Amen.