Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I meditated on this passage just a couple of months ago – why am I back here again?
I don’t know about you but occasionally the Lord leads me to a very familiar scripture over and over again.  Sometimes I gain new insight from it, sometimes it is a reminder to me; a checkpoint.
What have I done about this lately?  Even as I continue my journey of healthy living I wonder if I need to alter my perspective a bit.  I easily dismiss the idea that this physical body I reside in is the temple but when I read scripture I am admonished.  This slightly short, slightly saggy, physical body is a temple to the Lord.
We paint and repair our homes as they need it and as we are able, we also need to care for our temples; our bodies.  It would be remiss to allow a temple to fall into disrepair. 
So there it is:  I work on my body, I work on my spirit, and I work on my mind, all together, all separate.  In this work I will come to love the Lord with all that I am.


Thank you for the lesson to remind me that even though my body is not spirit, they are intertwined.  As I work on each one help me see the connectedness and the benefit in all.  Do not let me neglect any so that I continue to move toward complete love in you and through you.  Amen.