Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When I read this passage I picture a knight in shining armor.  I see heavy chain mail and heavy plated armor covering every part of the body to protect it from harm.
As I prayed and pondering this scripture today I thought Paul likely visualized a Roman soldier.  I imagine the armor they wore was still substantial and weighty but not to the degree of the medieval knights.
God’s armor is really not like either of these.  Truth does not weigh us down, it sets us free.  Righteousness lifts us up, it does not press heavily on our chests.  If I were to visualize the armor of God it would be weightless yet impenetrable.  It would shimmer and shine with an almost iridescent light, the light of God.  It does not sit on the outside of us either, it comes from within; it comes from the Holy Spirit, who resides within us.
We never know when an attack from the enemy will be.  It is unlikely we will hear the battle charge coming, he is much more subversive.  So, be ready.  Pray, study, learn and trust in the Lord.  Be strong in His power.


Let us not lean on our own “power” when fighting these battles, we are not strong enough.  Thank you for your Spirit and your power, thank you for giving us these things to fight the battle with.  You know when the battle comes, work within us so we are ready in that time.   In Christ, Amen.