Saturday, August 9, 2014

Growing up in Colorado, like I have, I know very little about the real workings of a lighthouse.
Lighthouses sit on the edge of land, tall and sturdy.  They are built to shine light all around them dispelling darkness and fog that are dangerous to the ships and boats coming in to land.  They are not built in the forest glades or in a gully; they are purposely set on high ground so they are easily seen.
If we are the light of the world, as Jesus says, should we not also be easily seen, set on high ground to shine light?  Are we not called to dispel darkness and fog in the world so all can come home in safety?
We cannot shine our own light though.  We are shining the light of God.  Just as the lighthouse keeper gives light to the beacon for the ships, God fills us with his light and we are able to shine out to the world.
Shine your light for all to see.  If you do not have light then seek the safety of God’s light and come home to him today.  Then you, too, will be filled with his light.


Thank you for filling me with your light.  Please use me on whatever shore, whatever hill... wherever you need me to shine and spread your light, dispelling darkness and fog until all come home to you.  Amen.