Friday, August 8, 2014

Two gates: one well maintained and a paved path leading to it and beyond it and another hidden in the ticket partially grown over and only a hint of a path.
Which gate would you use?
I used to tease my kids and their friends when they were just toddlers for taking the path of most resistance.  They were just learning to walk and it seemed like they would choose to walk through toys and over toys, risking a fall when they simply could walk around the toys with a free and clear path.  We are taught from early on not to make things harder than they need to be.  Here Jesus tells us something different.  He tells us to defy logic.  Take the hard path.
When I see obstruction and challenge and difficulty I am often troubled by it and wish for it to go away.  I want to lock this passage away in my heart so when I am stumbling along the difficult and narrow path I remember that this is the path leading to life, to God.  Will you join me on this ardent journey?


We do not walk this narrow, difficult road alone.  Even though there are obstacles and challenges so big, you are with us; you promise that you are always with us.  Help us find and choose the narrow path to life; to you.  Amen.