Friday, August 15, 2014

This morning I was stretching my muscles and thinking about how the Lord stretches our souls.
He does not push us or stretch us beyond our abilities in him but sometimes it feels like it.  When I stretch my leg muscles start out tight and there is a little pain to loosen them up for the day.  When God stretches us there may be a little pain to loosen and strengthen us as well.
Today I plan to do a trial run school day.  My son is just starting home school and we haven’t worked out a plan with each other yet.  I know I will stretch him in learning and it may feel a little bit painful at times, for both of us.  I do not wish to cause pain to my children but I know they need to learn and I am called to teach them.  I love them beyond words, they are my children.  Even when tears of frustration fall, even when voices of anger rise, even when tender hugs abound, they are my children and I love them.
We are God’s children, he loves us beyond words.  Take a moment to feel his loving arms holding you and loving you today.


Bless each of us as we begin another day.  Keep that tender knowledge in our hearts that you love us; we are your precious children.  Hold our hands and guide us, stretch us and grow us in your love and truth today and all days.  Amen.