Thursday, August 7, 2014

Most people don’t really breathe as well as they could.  We often just take in shallow breaths and manage with that.
Yesterday when I was out for my cardio walk I was seeing how far I could jog before I lost my breath.  I concentrated on taking in deep breaths.  Breathing in all the way to the bottom of my lungs and filling them with air as best I could to receive the most benefit of oxygen.  I jogged farther than I ever have before and I did not lose my breath.
How often are we like this spiritually as well?  We take in the bare minimum that we think we need and manage with that.  Sunday sermon or a daily verse and we go on without much more.  I am tired of getting by.  I am fed up with the bare minimum, settling for less.
Breathe deep!  Take in as much as you can for the most benefit that you can receive.  God wants us to live and live abundantly, not just sneak by.  I want to shout these words from a mountain top so all would hear – God wants us to live – live in Him and truly live!


How do I share your love and your Word with more people?  How do I testify to the changes you have made in my life so more people will seek, find, and live too?  I long for the day when I stand among a vast multitude of deeply living souls and we can all celebrate true life in you together.  Until then, please use these words as you will.  Amen.