Sunday, August 17, 2014

What is your favorite drink?
I have to say my favorite thing to drink, over all, is coffee with cream.  I love the warm smooth feeling of it.  I like the way the cream and the slight bitterness of the coffee blend together just so.  There are other things I enjoy drinking, but coffee is my top choice.
As much as I enjoy my coffee I realize it cannot give me what my body truly needs, hydration.  I drink a lot of water too.  I tell my kids water is the life source to our bodies; without it we would not survive.  I try to drink a lot of water.  My body longs for it.
As much as I know I need water I realize it cannot give me what my soul truly needs, God.  As much as my body needs water my soul needs the renewing love and grace of the Lord even more.  The Lord is always here but I am not always fully aware of his refreshing presence.  I lift my heart and my hands in worship and praise to the living God, the God of true life today.  Come, join me and be filled with his living water, given for good of our souls.


My soul’s deepest desire is to be with you.  Help this yearning drive my words and actions as I continue my journey toward the day I bow at your holy throne in glory. Nourish my soul as you know its needs.  I pray this through Jesus, my friend and redeemer.  Amen.